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Understanding which Fertilizer is right for your lawn.

N-P-K refers to the ratio of important elements in a fertilizer or soil amendment

N - stands for nitrogen, which is responsible for strong stem and foliage growth

P - is for phosphorus, which aids in healthy root growth and flower and seed production

K - stands for potassium, which is responsible for improving overall health and disease resistance





Nitrogen (N)

+ An established lawn needs primarily nitrogen, since it is not producing any fruit or flowers

+ Nitrogen helps make plants greener, and helps them grow faster.

+ Produces lush, tender, green leaves (or grass blades)

- Lack of Nitrogen results in a yellow-green colour (chlorosis) and little or no growth


Phosphorus (P)


+ A new lawn needs more phosphorous to produce roots

+ Phosphorous is good for root growth, disease resistance, seed and fruit growth.

+ Don’t use high nitrogen because the roots are not ready to handle top growth

- Lack of Phosphorus can result in slow or stunted growth and purplish discoloration on leaves

Potassium (K)


+ Potassium can help with increasing root growth, with drought resistance, and with disease resistance.

+ Strengthens cell wall structure for strongstems

- Lack of Potassium can cause week stemsand slow growth

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